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Staffed hours currently vary due to the pandemic.  Contact us via email in the first instance if you have enquiries:

Welcome to the Smallwood Library Website. This site is designed to provide you with a gateway to the key evidence resources needed to support your clinical practice, research needs, educational requirements and personal and professional development

The library service is committed to supporting clinical governance and knowledge management and as such we hope to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate health-related information.

How to Join

Membership is open to any employee or volunteer with Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. Students, agency, bank or locum employees are also welcome to join the library during their placement which must be for a minimum of  two weeks. We also welcome patients at Moseley Hall Hospital to join the library for the duration of their stay.

You can join online or print out a paper form and take/post it to the Library at Moseley Hall Hospital.

Library Staff

Lesley Allen
Library Manager

Abi Alayo
Deputy Manager

Lesley Huss
Trust Librarian

Kate Jones
Library Trainer

Mike Webb
Library Assistant


‘Thank you. You are all so efficient!’  JH, May 2019

‘Thank you so much. I’m always so impressed with how quick you are to get hold of things.’  LS, May 2019

‘Thank you so much for the speedy response – greatly appreciated.’  KB, March 2019

Thanks … definitely useful and I had missed this.’  CS, Jan 2019

‘Thank you. That’s perfect and really appreciate the fast turnaround time.’  RD, Jan 2019

‘This is a great service by the way !’  AW, January 2019

‘For questions like “I wonder if someone’s done any work on this?” or “Is there any more information on this condition?” or “Is anyone else trying out this approach?” – the library would be my first port of call now.’  LH, January 2019

‘Oh thank you so much. Fantastic service.’  MW, December 2018

‘I just wanted to say thank you for all the guidance, support and patience you have given to me over my years at BCHC … What a great facility this library is.’  MO, November 2018

‘This is what we exactly have been looking for.’  SC, October 2018

‘Thank you so much for delivering this presentation to us. The team really found it useful and really appreciated how you adapted the talk to our specific need’  AB, October 2018

‘Thank you for attending our staff wellbeing event last week. We have received some really positive feedback from staff and your involvement contributed hugely to its success.’  AK, October 2018

‘Once again, thanks for your very efficient help.’  JC, September 2018

‘Thank you for all your support and speedy responses. This has been very helpful.’  ST, September 2018

‘Thank you for all the help and support the library has given me over the last 19 years, you are all wonderful.’  CA, August 2018

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