Online Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions (PDF)
Online Privacy Notice
Privacy Notice (PDF)

My email is an,, or address

If you are a new applicant and permanent or temporary NHS staff member, bank or agency worker, student, trainee or volunteer on placement at a BASE Library organisation and you have an email address ending,, or, please complete the online application form

I do not have an email address ending,, or

Go into your Base Library if you are a bank or agency worker or a volunteer and do not have an email address ending,, or to register in person.

I am an external member

If you are a student or staff of any other NHS organisation, a GP or a member of the public not employed or registered at a BASE Library organisation, you can join Base Library as an external member at an annual cost of £50 by speaking to a Base Library member of staff.

I have already registered

If you have already registered for Base Library membership, have an existing account or wish to register for online resources such as OpenAthens, BASEDoc or KnowledgeShare please do not use this application process. Please contact your Base library.

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