Terms & Conditions

By joining BASE Library you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. We (Base Library Consortium) reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

The account that you create is for the purpose of accessing services at your home library and participating libraries and loaning items in the Base Library catalogue only. Please speak to your home library about accessing other BASE Libraries and about registering for other systems such as OpenAthens, BaseDoc and KnowledgeShare. When accessing participating BASE libraries in person, we have the right to validate your identity. Contact details for your home library can be found under the Locations tab on the BASE Library website. 

If you are an existing member or have registered before, any duplicate account you create will not be permitted and will be deleted. Please contact your home library with any queries about your existing account.

Setting up your new account

Your home library aims to process your application within 2 working days. This includes verifying your identity. Your library card will be sent to your work address. 

What can I borrow?

Members (staff, students on placement, volunteers and those external to the organisation) can borrow a total of ten standard loan items for four weeks from the BASE collection.

Books sourced from libraries outside the ‘BASE’ area do not count towards your BASE borrowing limit.

Members can reserve up to ten items at any one time.

You can renew an item three times without returning it, unless all copies are reserved. If you wish to borrow the item again, it should be made available to other members first for at least one week. Except where there are sufficient copies available in the library, at that time, for all members to use.

Journals cannot be borrowed.

You cannot borrow any items until your account has been processed on the BASE library system and you have received your library card.

Members can borrow from and return items to any BASE library that allows visitor access (please check with the library if visiting in person, see contact information here.)

What charges might I incur?

Items borrowed must be returned by the due date. All members are liable for any fines incurred due to the late return of items as follows:

20p per item per day for standard and two week loan items (up to a maximum of £5.00)

50p per item per day for 7 day loan items (up to a maximum of £5.00)

£1 per item per day for special loan items (up to a maximum of £10.00)

£2 per item per day for laptops, iPads and associated equipment (up to a maximum of £50.00).

If you accrue fines of £5.00 or more, all borrowing rights will be suspended until fines are paid (with the exception of volunteer members who are not permitted to borrow if any fines are owed).

You may be charged for items supplied from outside the ‘BASE’ area or for journal articles held by BASE, charges may vary.

Your responsibilities

Please remember your membership card. You must produce this when borrowing items.

You must abide by trust IT policies, local library policies and copyright legislation.

You must report lost or damaged items immediately and you must pay to replace any lost or damaged items. You will be charged by the library that owns the item with the replacement cost. This may include an admin charge. Overdue fines must be paid in addition.

It is your responsibility to tell us if your contact details change. You can log into your account and change your details online.

You must return all items on loan and pay outstanding amounts on the last date of your placement, employment or eligibility to use the service.

For your information

The BASE Library consortium includes NHS and partner organisations external to the NHS. Full details of all the libraries in the BASE consortium can be found at Contact a BASE Library.

A complaints procedure is in place at all BASE libraries.

Apart from in exceptional circumstances, you will be charged for a replacement card if lost or damaged. This charge may vary.

You can log into your library account to set your notification preferences. You can opt out of receiving library service announcements by contacting your library.

We may send an invoice to you by post if there are outstanding items or fines on your account; however we do not accept responsibility if your personal information has changed and you have not informed us.

You are encouraged to inform staff if you need additional assistance with library services.

Download leaflet (pdf)

Last update: 09/12/2019

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