Article Requests

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Library provides an article request service for any articles that are unavailable via your Athens account. (Please visit our Athens page if you haven’t already set up a free account). The article requesting service is available at and you can request both articles and literature searches using this service. Registering for an account is free. Please note that supplying the articles is free unless we need to request from British Library which has cost of £8. Please indicate when requesting if you only want us to supply free-only articles. British Library articles can be paid for in cash to the library or by card to finance. You may also set-up a department account; speak to library staff for more details. You must already be a member of the library to use this service, please see the Membership page on the top menu bar for more information on how to do this. Full instructions and information including potential fees are available in the guide below. Article and literature search requests guide
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